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As a web design agency, we create a modern website that reflects your brand, improves your conversion rate and brings you more new customers.

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Professional website to generate new customers for you

In the digital world, your homepage is the first point of contact your customer has with your company. 

95% of the first impression is made by the design of your website. For this reason, your website can have an enormous impact on your marketing success. 

We create a website for you that not only looks good, but also convinces your potential new customers. 

From our experience in countless projects, we know what is important for your new website. 

Contact us today to tell us more about your business and start designing your custom website!

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"I am more than satisfied! marketer UX designed my "codedfood" website. I was understood from the beginning, my wishes were implemented 1:1 - promptly and competently. Without a doubt, they are to be recommended!"

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Invest in the success of your website with marketer UX

When you invest in our professional web design service, you get:

  • An individual design 
  • Optimisation for mobile devices (Responsive)
  • Onpage search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • DSGVO compliance 
  • Professional copywriting & editing 

You can also request additional features such as a content management system (CMS), e-commerce functionality and much more from our website specialist. 

Have your website created at a fixed price

We guarantee 100 percent transparent pricing. Request an individual offer for your website now.

To get an immediate non-binding estimate of the cost of your website, you can use our quote calculator.

Do you need your website yesterday? No problem. We offer an express service and create your website within 30 days.

Sustainably increase sales with an optimised website

In the last 4 years we have generated over 3 million in sales for our customers.

Example of our client R. Zecevic Personaldienstleistungs GmbH, period of statistics: July 2020

What services does the creation of your website by marketer UX include?

Our team adapts our services to your company and your individual needs. So we can adapt every function of our service to your company, your products or services and your goals. The result is a website that your customers love.

Learn more about our web design services:

SEO optimisation

To achieve the best results for your online marketing strategy, we ensure that your website complies with the most up-to-date search engine optimisation methods. SEO refers to a range of techniques to improve the ranking of your website for relevant search results.

A higher ranking in search results leads to higher visibility to your potential new customers. With higher visibility, your website can get more clicks and traffic from quality visitors - which can lead to more enquiries, new customers and sales.

Our team of online marketing specialists can coordinate with our in-house web designers. This teamwork ensures that your website not only looks good, but is also found in Google search.

Individual design

It is important that your online presence fits you and your brand. We adapt our design to your corporate identity.

If you need a sophisticated design to highlight the quality of your products and services, our team can make it happen for you.

Other examples of design categories are:

  • Simple and modern
  • Professional design 
  • High quality design 
  • World class design

Our website quote calculator offers these different styles to give you an accurate cost estimate. However, you are not limited to these options. Our web designer will be happy to implement your individual design wishes for you. 

Text creation and editing

In order to achieve the best possible result for you, one of our copywriters will take over the copywriting for you. To do this, he or she uses your industry-specific expertise and communicates it clearly and comprehensibly to your customer.

Part of the copywriting process is optimisation for SEO. For you, this means that our online marketing specialist researches relevant keywords for your company, which our copywriter uses to optimise your website.

In order to communicate industry-specific expertise correctly, our copywriter will interview you or your team on all relevant topics. This way, we can write professionally correct texts for you in a simple and understandable way.

All texts are of course checked for correct spelling and grammar.

Responsive design (mobile optimised)

All our websites are optimised for mobile use through a responsive design. More than 50 percent of internet traffic comes from mobile users. Since 2020, the "mobile-first index" has applied to Google Search, i.e. Google crawls and views websites from the perspective of a mobile user and not from that of a desktop user.

If your website does not support mobile users, Google will punish you with poor or no rankings in the search engine.

With our Responsive Design, we can prevent this penalty.

Content Management System (CMS)

A content management system (CMS) is a content management system. People use CMS systems to easily manage a lot of content, such as blog articles or products, on a website. It can help you share content on your website quickly, efficiently and independently.

Why you should have a professional website created

You are still unsure whether you should invest in the creation of a new company homepage? Before you make a purchase decision, ask yourself the following questions:

How would it affect your sales if your website had a higher conversion rate?
How would your position in the market change if your website is shown at the top by search engines?

Remember that your website has a direct impact on factors such as sales, market share and business growth.

More about the advantages of having a website created.

1. increase the conversion rate

The conversion rate is the percentage of your website visitors who take an action on your website. Such an action can be, for example, filling out a contact form or arranging a consultation. What counts as a conversion for you depends on your business, of course. But no matter what your conversion goal is, our websites will increase your conversion rate.

Why does a professional website increase the conversion rate?

Outdated websites are usually not optimised for usability. This means the user does not have a good experience when visiting your company homepage and thus has a bad first impression of your company. As a result, many visitors leave your website after just a few seconds without making an appointment or leaving their contact details. And in most cases, these visitors do not return to your site again.

A modern website, on the other hand, that users can operate intuitively will have a lasting positive effect on your visitors. Your company remains positively in their memory and this increases the likelihood that they will contact you or make an appointment.

2. optimised user experience

Did you know that 90% of website visitors who have a bad user experience buy from your competitors? So not only are you making a bad impression on your visitors, but you are losing these prospects to your competitors for good.

You could prevent this with a professional website, as this would allow you to offer your prospects the best possible user experience. The websites of marketer UX are fundamentally optimised for user-friendliness - whether on the desktop or mobile devices: Your website offers your visitors the best user experience.

3. maximised market shares

No matter what industry, there is always a direct competitor. But even if you have a better offer, these advantages are lost on an outdated website.

With a professional company homepage from marketer UX, you can ensure that your company stands out from your competitors. Likewise, the advantages of your offer are precisely worked out and placed in the foreground of the communication.

4. improved search ranking

Google processes over 2 trillion (that's 2,000,000,000,000) search queries a year, because 80% of all users rely on the Google search function when they need something. So it's very important that your website appears on the first page of search results. Otherwise, prospective customers will not find you and consequently will not buy from you.

The keyword here is search engine optimisation or SEO (Search Engine Marketing). We develop an individual SEO strategy for our clients and optimise the website to be placed on the first page of the search results.

5. better online marketing strategy

Your online marketing stands and falls with your company homepage. Therefore, your website should be of the highest technical standard and not convey outdated information.

A professional website increases the chance that interested parties will sign up for a consultation with you or make an appointment. Because on a modern website it is clear to the user exactly what they have to do - they intuitively find their way around the site and have a positive user experience.

How does marketer design UX websites?

At marketer UX we offer you the all-round carefree package at a fixed price

  • Layout design and development
  • Content creation (image and text)
  • Conversion optimisation
  • Usability testing

When creating a professional website, we observe the following principles:

1. representation (appearance)

The appearance of your website plays a major role for the customer, which is why you should also attach great importance to it.

A responsive design is part of an appealing presentation. This means that your website automatically adapts to the size of the screen on which it is accessed. So it makes no difference to your company homepage whether visitors view your site via an iPhone or an iMac - they will always have a user-friendly experience.

Having a responsive design is becoming increasingly important. Because already now more than half of all internet visits take place via mobile devices.

But in addition to an appealing design, your site also needs clear navigation.

2. navigation

A clear and intuitive navigation makes it easier for your prospects to find their way around your website. A clear menu navigation makes it easier for your visitors to get information on the topics that interest them. This way, they spend more time on your homepage and thus engage with your company for longer.

There are many different ways to design the navigation on your website. Depending on the industry and the target group, different models work. However, the goal of navigation is always to provide users with a pleasant experience with your site.

A positive experience with your website has another advantage: you keep your visitors' attention.

3. attention

Once a user visits your professional website, you need to keep their attention. If you don't, your visitors will leave the site.

Depending on the industry, you can keep the attention of prospects with the following options:

Video marketing

With a video you can summarise complex ideas in a few minutes. This way you don't lose your visitors' attention with a long text that can quickly become boring.

Download contents

Most downloads consist of a text-based PDF file. Here you have the opportunity to provide your customers with further and more detailed information about your offer. Usually you ask for the e-mail address of your prospective customers before the download. You can then use these addresses in marketing through targeted e-mail campaigns.


This way you can prepare relevant data for your prospects. This makes the content easier to understand. In addition, you show through representative data that you are an expert in your field.

4. signpost

Visitors to your website need to know what to do on the page. Therefore, you should show your prospects how they can move around your company homepage. Classically, this is scrolling down, as it usually seems intuitive and easy for users.

However, there are special features for mobile use, as scrolling is not done with a mouse, but with the finger on a screen. Responsive design (see above) is therefore essential here.

Action 5

That is the actual goal of your entire company homepage: You want the visitor to take a certain action. But you need to encourage your visitors to take action. That's why you need various calls to action or CTAs (calls to action) on your page.

With a CTA, you guide your users to the next step on your website. Our experienced team of copywriters develop convincing CTAs that strike the right note for your target group.

  • Text links
  • Image links
  • Buttons
  • Form fields
  • and much more

It takes time and several revision loops to create a highly optimised and professional website. But this is exactly the process that the marketer UX team has perfected.

Our web designers work in your best interest and create a website that meets all the requirements mentioned above.

Request a quote for your professional website today

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