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"We have been working with marketer UX for over a year. Through marketer UX, we successfully generate client enquiries in various legal fields. We are currently pursuing further expansion goals for our law firm together. We are now generating over 200 client enquiries per month and have been able to expand our law firm three times over".

Attorney Adam Schneider
Proprietor Schneider Rechtsanwälte


Schneider Rechtsanwälte 

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Attorney Adam Schneider was dependent on his recommendation network. This meant that he could not control his company's growth. With marketer UX, Adam Schneider currently generates over 200 client enquiries per month.

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Schneider attorney


Attorney Adam Schneider is a specialist in traffic law and wanted to win new clients for his law firm in this field of law. So far he had won his clients through recommendations from his network of car dealerships and appraisers.

Adam Schneider wanted to make himself independent of these recommendations. He wanted to generate new clients in a planned manner.


Together with Adam Schneider, we decided to define the target audience very narrowly. This way we can ensure that Attorney Schneider only receives requests from his preferred clients.

We have defined people who are facing a driving ban or withdrawal of their driving licence as a target audience. With this persona there is the least amount of work for the law firm and at the same time highly attractive turnover.

A new landing page was designed and developed which explicitly addresses the target audience and disqualifies all unwanted interested parties (such as accident regulations).

We have chosen Google search ads as an advertising channel. This way we can reach every person who is looking for a traffic law lawyer in NRW. Thus the advertising budget of attorney Adam Schneider can be used as purposefully as possible.

We have decided against a traditional contact form. Instead, we use a specially developed traffic law calculator. This allows the interested party to enter his or her data in a playful and intuitive way.

At the same time, attorney Adam Schneider has all the necessary information for case examination at a glance and can give the interested party immediate feedback.


Campaign evaluation

Period of statistics: August 2020

With our marketing system, we were able to generate a turnover of 108,000€ in only 8 weeks and achieve an incredible return on advertising expenditure of over 1100%.

Attorney Adam Schneider can now further expand his law firm and finally has a channel with which he can reliably generate new mandates in traffic law.

"The team at marketer UX is very experienced in Google Ads. We often talk about new opportunities to generate more clients and how we can move my law office forward. I am very grateful for their expertise."

Attorney Adam Schneider
Proprietor Schneider Rechtsanwälte

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