Win customers

Every company needs customers. A sentence that is easily said. In fact, it only scratches the surface. What businesses really need to thrive are satisfied, loyal customers in steadily growing numbers. Regardless of whether your business is just starting out or wants to grow further: gaining more or new customers is a principle you should always pursue!
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For entrepreneurs and marketing managers
CEO and Head of Content @marketer UX
Aleksey Rogalev

CEO and Head of Content
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Win customers

Every company needs customers. A sentence that is easily said. In fact, it only scratches the surface. What businesses really need to thrive are satisfied, loyal customers in steadily growing numbers. Regardless of whether your business is just starting out or wants to grow further: gaining more or new customers is a principle you should always pursue!
estimated reading time
Reading time 8 min
Who is this article suitable for?
For entrepreneurs and marketing managers

How do you win customers?

First of all, don't go for being the cheapest. Companies that argue purely on the basis of price have a problem: there is always someone who is even cheaper. Instead, aim to be the best in your field. And in all the points that matter:

  • Products and services
  • Service - before and after the purchase
  • Your appearance as a brand - distinctiveness
  • Your internet presence
  • Credibility

It doesn't matter whether you want to acquire customers online or generate more customers through traditional channels. In fact, the answers to the question: "How do you win customers?" have not really changed. Whether online or at the weekly market, you're dealing with people. All the use of search engines and algorithms ultimately serves the purpose of making these people aware of you. Winning them over is still based on the question of what makes people tick. Certainly, a few things have changed in this regard. Others, however, have remained the same. Combine both factors to achieve success. Below you will find a number of valuable considerations in this regard.

Look at yourself from the customers' point of view

The times when customer acquisition worked exclusively through products and services are over. Today's customers want more. He is interested in your company. It asks itself questions like:

  • How are the working conditions with you?
  • Are you interested in environmental protection?

Consider a company like Apple: the US corporation always emphasises that it cares about nature. The new company building was built and operated in an emphatically environmentally friendly way. Likewise, Apple offers recycling for used iPhones.

Just Sp ices deals in spices. The company deliberately presents itself as youthful, fresh and dynamic. The company's website is a prime example of how to convey an image.

In the end, it all boils down to one simple wisdom: you don't sell products or services, you sell yourself! Don't stop at the question of what your customers want to buy. Ask yourself who you want to buy these products or services from.

An easy way to double customers

How about having a machine that turns one customer into two? Sounds like wishful thinking, but in fact this fantasy can be turned into reality. Enclosed is a suggestion that works amazingly well in practice:

Give selected customers a gift that can only be enjoyed in pairs. The possibilities are almost endless. They range from a candlelight dinner for two to an excursion that is also given to two participants. Person one is your client. He/she must bring the second person. Of course, you can also associate the gifts with your business:

If you sell computers, offer a workshop for several people ("Congratulations! You have won! So that it doesn't get boring, you have to bring at least four people. Who would you like to make happy?").

If you run a restaurant, you could raffle cooking classes for two.

Large companies could offer guided tours. Or how about football tickets? Concert tickets? Tickets to the zoo or that great musical coming soon to your city?

There are no limits to your imagination here. Think about it: What could you offer? Maybe you'd like to combine the raffle with a special day: "On Valentine's Day, we're giving away ... everyone who visits our store on that day is automatically entered into the raffle. Winning tickets will be handed out at the cash registers." Such promotions alone generate additional customers.

If you don't have a shop, you can do the same with your online presence. Post the action on Facebook in the form of an event. Then invite all your followers to it and ask them to share the event!

Present your expertise

The local environment offers numerous opportunities to present oneself as an expert. Be it lectures or free "office hours" at the trade show. This way you kill two birds with one stone:

  • You are making a good name for yourself.
  • They become a person or a company that people want to go to because they get a solution to their problem there.

Leave a good impression

The first and last impression counts the most! Why do (cleverly designed) supermarkets present their fruit and vegetable section at the entrance? Because they can score points with it. Imagine you enter a shop and the smell of fresh fruit hits your nose. Then you look at these beautiful, fresh strawberries ...

The last impression in this case would be at the checkout. A friendly cashier who wishes us a nice day is worth its weight in gold. Think of chain shops in the USA, where a dedicated "greeter" greets customers in a friendly manner at the entrance. First impression? Successful! The last impression is then a friendly person standing behind the checkout and bagging the customers' purchases.

You can also implement all of this in the online area. Ask yourself: Does the first impression of your website make you want to stay? If you are asked to "hand in" your email address after just five seconds, something is definitely wrong.

What is the last impression customers get after buying on your website? A friendly goodbye? Or do they just end up back on the home page they saw anyway? Let your imagination run wild!

Generate further revenue from sales

We've talked about how important first and last impressions are. In online business, there is another "last impression": the emails after the order. Send a friendly email thanking them for the purchase. After that, it's all about capitalizing on the favor. 

So, after a few days, you could send another email sending a discount voucher to your lucky buyer. In the modern world, discount codes can be used. The customer enters this on their next purchase to save 20%, for example. All of this can be completely automated so you get maximum effect with minimum work.

What also goes down well is an email informing the customer that their parcel has now been shipped. This is accompanied by a link to the shipping service provider, which they can use to monitor the delivery. DHL has now introduced a function that allows the delivery car to be tracked in real time. Do you still remember how you celebrated Christmas as a child? The joy of seeing the Christ Child arrive at 6:00 p.m., for example? What was it like to count the minutes? What is it like today to drive home from work excited because you know your package has arrived? It was just a little email on your smartphone, but you're thrilled. Give your customers the same joy.

Be well rated online

Now that your customer is happy all around, it would be a good time to send them an email asking for a positive online review. Many people now consider reviews on Google essential before you choose a business. How good is the dentist in town? Inge H. (name invented) writes on Google that she was treated rudely? Then rather the dentist in the neighboring town, he has better ratings! Understand the rules of the game and become a master at it! Get help from us now.

Keep your website up to date

Would you eat the same meal day after day? Probably not. It's the same with your website. There are many opportunities to make small changes to the look. For example:

  • at Christmas time
  • in spring
  • when summer comes
  • at Easter
  • when Valentine's Day is coming up
  • to the Football World Cup
  • the Olympic Games

You should not limit yourself to showing snowflakes on your landing page in winter, for example. In fact, all these occasions can be used to launch prize competitions or promotions of various kinds:

  • The snow is falling, our prices too.
  • The Easter Bunny is coming - and the new BMW. Take a test drive with us now!
  • Show your love on Valentine's Day - with our ... at a special price for a short time only.

Don't limit yourself to your website. Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and the like are powerful tools for communicating with existing and future customers. Facebook posts, in particular, are wonderful for sharing. Look forward to new customers.

Advertising: Beat the drum

A wise person once said that chickens make a huge fuss every time they lay an egg. Ostriches, on the other hand, do without this show. As a result, the whole world eats chicken eggs.

What sounds funny at first glance (well, it is) carries a deep truth: How is someone supposed to buy your products or services if he/she doesn't know you exist? A few suggestions in this regard:

  • Poster advertising
  • Press releases
  • Promotional letters that you send by post
  • Flyers that you put out in the cinema, at the bakery, etc.

On the last point: what kind of company suits you? Are you targeting an educated audience that likes to read? Put flyers in bookshops. 

If your target group consists of self-employed people and companies, you have another advantage: You are allowed to make cold calls at any time. In other words, you can call them at any time, visit them in person, etc. By the way, trade fairs and trade shows are an ideal place to acquire new customers and business partners from the business sector. With the right conversation guide, you will achieve even better results.

Appearance at public events

Of course, the topic of "trade fairs and co." is not limited to just walking around there as a visitor. Book your own stand and let them find you. A little tip: trade fairs can be very draining. How nice if there is a coffee machine and a drinks dispenser on your stand.

Influencer marketing

Influencers are people who have built up a large following via social networks. If you manage to win these people over, you can be real success boosters.

But do so in a considered way: Not every influencer will be of any use to you. To exaggerate: If you have a butcher's shop, an influencer whose followers are predominantly vegans will be of no use to you. In the worst case, you'll get a shitstorm.

An ideal example:

Her company makes healthy dog food. Now there is this woman on Instagram who has 20,000 followers because she posts pictures of her dog every day. This person would be of interest.

We deliberately talked about 20,000 followers here. Some would say this is far too few. Influencers don't start until they have XY million followers. That may be. The question is, where do you currently stand with your business? If your annual revenue is 50,000 euros, it might be difficult to attract Heidi Klum as an advertising figure. Choose a healthy middle ground, start where you are right now and then grow mightily.

On a completely different note, what about existing customers?

With all the considerations on the subject of "How to win new customers?", existing buyers should not be ignored. Many a company has put all its attention into attracting new customers only to find that for every new customer they have lost an existing one.

Your existing customer base is your current capital.

The myth of the "useless C-customer

Some companies divide their customer base into three or more classes. This could look like this:

  • A-customers: are highly satisfied, buy regularly and are maximally loyal to the company.
  • B customers: buy from the company with some regularity, but also go to competitors.
  • C-customers: bought from you at some point and have not been active since.

Many companies make the mistake of giving maximum attention to A-customers while completely ignoring C-customers. They are "useless" because they hardly bring any money. On the other hand, massive amounts of money are often spent on getting addresses of potential customers. Yet the C-customers are stored in the system along with their contact details.

C-customers should not be ignored, but (as far as possible) turned into B- and then into A-customers!

This will not succeed in all cases. Nevertheless, it is worth the effort. Especially if they tell you on the phone why they no longer want to buy from you. It is a cost-effective way to have an "outsider" point out what may be going wrong with you. Listen to your customers, whether they are new, A, B or C customers. It will be worth your while in any case!

In conclusion: Whatever you do - go full throttle!

A famous personality from the music industry once expressed: "Success belongs to those who want it the most. The people who are willing to go the last extra mile." This can be applied to all types of success and industries. Half-hearted effort will always produce half-hearted results. Give it your all and don't stop there. The right attitude leads to the right actions. From this combination, success is hard to avoid. Contact us now to get more customers!

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How important is Google Ads for law firm marketing?

Google is the first place to go when you have problems you want to solve. If one searches for a lawyer, not only the best one is displayed here, but also the next best one in your city. That's why Google is loved by everyone and used every day.

Google advertising for law firm marketing basically works in one swipe. Your law firm marketing strategy is ultimately based on Google's specifications. If you want to rank on Google with keyword marketing, for example, you have to take SEO measures to get a good ranking on Google.

Should lawyers, attorneys and tax advisors advertise on social media?

A good public relation never hurts, because this way you can always present yourself as a human being. Lawyers, solicitors and tax consultants are, after all, people who seem unapproachable. 

The only difference here is the language, which is a considerable barrier. In connection with the painful issues, legal proceedings or tax payments, one nevertheless prefers to postpone the whole topic until one really urgently needs the help.

By posting on social media, you can put yourself in a completely different light and show that behind your service is a person who has kids if necessary, a hobby, and is a pretty cool person to talk to about God and the world. 

How do most people find their lawyer?

When you have a problem, you usually use Google to solve it. The same applies if you are looking for a suitable law firm. Most people first look at the Google reviews. This way, the success of the lawyer can be measured.  

It is also important to many people that the lawyer enjoys at least expert status. If you pay a lot, you also want to win the case. And you can do that with a good lawyer, after all. 

What is meant by law firm marketing?

Marketing is generally understood as measures to be seen better by the target audience (increase visibility). This is done via Google Ads (ads that make you rank 1-4 on Google and organic measures, such as keyword expansion for terms such as law firm, law firms, lawyer or lawyers. 

The purpose of law firm marketing is to achieve a better ranking in search engines and thereby gain expert status. 

How to get clients?

Once you have fulfilled all the requirements for setting up a law firm, you are now on the hunt for clients. You can either get them the traditional way through recommendations or print advertising. Or through clever marketing in the form of Google Ads, search engine optimization measures and a sympathetic public relation.

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Every company needs customers. A sentence that is easily said. In fact, it only scratches the surface. What businesses really need to thrive are satisfied, loyal customers in steadily growing numbers. Regardless of whether your business is just starting out or wants to grow further: gaining more or new customers is a principle you should always pursue!

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