Desired customers through Oline-Marketing

Desired customers through Oline-Marketing

Your company becomes visible on the Internet. Gain new customers in a predictable way through online marketing. Within 30 days.

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200+ companies trust marketer UX

With our method, we help over 200 companies win new customers.

The biggest obstacles in marketing

We know how difficult it can be to successfully market as a business to attract new customers.

Check external service provider
Wrong freelancers or unsuitable agencies can cost a lot of time and money.
No time for management
As an owner or CEO, you often don't have enough time to manage the marketing department.
Too slow implementation
Little experience with online marketing can make for very long project times.
Fluctuating results
When results fluctuate, you don't know where to look for solutions.
Too many options
There are so many platforms that, as a layperson, you don't know where it's worth marketing.
Outsource correctly
As a layperson, it is difficult to distinguish between what can be done internally and what can be done externally.

Our services

From highly optimised landing pages to result-oriented advertising campaigns. We help achieve your business goals and set new standards.

Web design Düsseldorf

Website & landing page creation

Only a two-hour meeting is enough: We create professional texts, a flawless design and develop your site according to the latest technical standards.

Conversion Optimization

Branding & Web Design

We develop brands that convince your customers. A brand identity is the key to a first-class positioning that attracts your target customers and makes your products and services a big seller.

The UX method 

Our mission is to provide your customer with the best experience of your business on the internet. That's why we combine effective online marketing with clear design so that your business becomes more attractive and attracts new customers.


Results from our customers

Real estate financing
Real estate agent
Tax consultancy
Construction financing
Medical service
Law Firm

For tax consultants

7-digit sales in only 6 months

We brought the project "Taxes No Thanks" by tax consultant Burkhard Küpper from 0€ to 3.300.000€ turnover - in only 6 months .
"I can say that the contact with marketer UX has been the thing that has completely changed our business. We still have a lot of plans together. I can only advise everyone to work with this team."
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Christian Weeger Dima Real Estate Center
Burkhard Küpper
Managing Director Küpper & Kollegen Steuerberatungsgesellschaft
Medical service

Arthro Prax

Before Dr. med. Olaf Beck started working with us, he acquired new customers exclusively through verbal recommendations. Although he offered a revolutionary treatment method, he was only able to acquire a few new patients in this way.

In the last two years, we have generated over 1600 patient inquiries for Olaf Beck, MD. Today, Dr. Beck determines how many inquiries he would like to receive each month.

Olaf Thorsten Beck, MD, is the world's leading expert in the treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee and ankle.

Christian Weeger Dima Real Estate Center
Dr. med. Olaf Thorsten Beck
Managing Director arthroprax

Eickes Gebäudesystemtechnik GmbH

Eickes Gebäudesystemtechnik relied on verbal recommendations from existing customers.

We help Eickes Gebäudesystemtechnik to acquire new customers online. In the past 19 months, we have generated over 1300 inquiries for Mr. Eickes for the new installation of an alarm system.

Eickes Gebäudesystemtechnik installs security systems for private and business customers.

Christian Weeger Dima Real Estate Center
Mike Eickes
Management Eickes Gebäudesystemtechnik GmbH
Medical service

Medical Health Point

When Medical Health Point approached us, you won your patients through your reputation in Bonn.

We have made Medical Health Point visible on the internet: Anyone interested in physiotherapy in Bonn cannot avoid MHP. 400+ customer enquiries confirm the quality of the treatment.

Medical Health Point is an innovative physiotherapy practice from Bonn. They have specialized in the treatment with bioelectric impulses.

Christian Weeger Dima Real Estate Center
Vahab Tabrizi
Managing Director Medical Health Point GmbH

About us

Since 2017, we have been building professional online presences for our clients and generating new business through online marketing.

We combine results-driven online marketing with impeccable design to give your customers the best user experience with your business online.

You will find us in the Düsseldorf Media Harbour

marketer UX GmbH
Kaistr. 2
40221 Düsseldorf

This is how you can work with us


Arrange potential analysis

In the potential analysis we define your current situation and work out your goals together. Plan 15-30 minutes for this first meeting.


Strategy discussion with experts

We create an individual customer acquisition strategy for you based on your potential analysis. We will then discuss the details with you in a 60 to 90-minute second meeting.


acquire new customers

You will receive a non-binding offer from us for a joint cooperation.


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